Romali - Work (Prod. By Bilbo Beatz)

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Romali Whispers


Breaking habits gotta work
Fuck a bitch go to work
Crushing niggas soul, work
Fucking this beat up, work

I don't give up, I wooork
Fuck where you've been, I wooork
Fuck my mood, I wooork
... Bitch nigga, I work
Work, work, work, work

Verse :
Travail konssi en téka doué
Travail hinn trapé callosités
Travail dos en mwin courbaturé
Tout ça pou sou an mwin kalashisé

Swing on my dick bitch,
You just got paid (aye)
Ain't no teasing, I go all your pay
I'm cookie hungry, feed D

Kriyé Zanmi fanmi an ka vine
Rap a zôt toujou ké insipide
Bate douce ka faiw couri vite
Tranglé tchou aw faiw domi vite

I don't waste time with no Fucking pound
You got lost got and found,
Smoking from the ground,
I don't lose focus... I'm a mountain!

Saving account, stringing hunnids
E's my blood, so he's solid
Jason, Eddington on your fucking song
Weak niggas tend to bomb a ton

Making hits, Fucking beats (splash)
I do know my shit and I put on a twist
Gasp for air, while I control the wrist
Boy you know I been doing this

Since 2k5, I put katon out
Dealing with niggas missing not
I dont care, nigga you feel it now ?
You've been messing shit,
You Want it now?

You've been talking shit you don't know 'bout
Doing fuck shit looking wild
Never meet a nigga that is foul
Rabid wolf, when I work I growl

Verse 2:
Fuck where you been, or been doing
If you want money, what you been scheming?
I flew my ass out of my island

No sleep for eight hours
Train for three hours
Search for 2 hours
Chill for one hour
Know the drill?
Do it all over

Excuse these guts
I was tired of being bored
with eyes hurt
Rolling to the score

Bitin konssa bitin henene hene
Brilé tchou aw vite kon Keros-n
Zanmi an pas prend pon fucking peine
Lan vrè djel aw Ouvurè kon bene

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